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Decarbonizing Our Fashion
with our Plant-based Material

We believe in the potential of plants and microbes and realize the Circular Economy powered by them.


About PelliquaTM

PelliquaTM is the "Plant-based Material" developed by SustainaGene Inc.

The fashion industry has a high environmental impact. And the global apparel market is growing.

Pelliqua will provide apparel that answers the needs of today's decarbonized society by using non-petroleum derived, biodegradable microbe material with a low environmental impact.

The main ingredient of Pelliqua is cellulose. Our microbes weave cellulose nanofibers in plant-based culture medium , resulting in Pelliqua. The complex network of cellulose nanofibers makes Pelliqua as strong as leather. Also, as Pelliqua is made of nanofibers, it has a transparency that leather does not have.

  • Like genuine leather: Pelliqua can be dyed and sewn like leather. Strong, fold-resistant, and flexible.
  • Decarbonized process: In the future, food waste will be utilized. We can also grow without using energy in tropical climates, which allows us to decarbonize and reduce our environmental footprint.
  • 100% biodegradable:
    Pelliqua can be biodegraded in about one week when placed in compost. And it can reduce environmental impact at the time of disposal.

Growing up in
our Circular Lab

Our lab is located in Nagareyama, in a 50-year-old Japanese house.  We are doing our research and development of Pelliqua here.

We have renovated an old house that was not used much and turned it into a laboratory, so it is a laboratory that truly realizes the Circular Economy.


Our Team


Yoshihiko Inui

SustainaGene Inc.
Founder & CEO
Master of Agriculture


Sawako Furukawa

Creative Director
Fashion Designer

Why do we focus on microbe?

Microbe is the key ring for the circular economy.

To achieve sustainable development, we must grow within our limited natural resources. Therefore, a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy is necessary. The key to a circular economy is the ring of reusing and recycling natural resources from waste.

This is precisely the ring that microbes play in biological ecosystems. Microbes decompose fallen leaves, animal feces, and other debris to produce a source of nutrients for new life.

In the society of the future, microbes will be the important partner to create the circular economy society.
We are very excited to build the new future with microbes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this similar to genuine leather?

No, it is not similar. Genuine leather is made from animal proteins, whereas Pelliqua is made from cellulose fibers woven by microbes. Therefore, it may be more like paper made of the same cellulose than genuine leather.
To distinguish it from conventional leather, we call it microbe leather.

Is Pelliqua's microbe genetically modified?

No genetically modified microbes are used in production.

How is Pelliqua more sustainable than synthetic leathers?

Synthetic leather is usually made from synthetic fibers and a coating of polyurethane or PVC, but Pelliqua is made from cellulose and is not derived from petroleum. We will continue to achieve manufacturing methods that have a low environmental impact.

What size of material can be produced?

Theoretically, we can make any size of material as large as we increase the size of the culture tank. However, this requires the appropriate equipment. At present, we can produce our material up to 70cm x 50cm.

Is Pelliqua water resistant?

Our material is made from cellulose, so it will absorb water. If it is oiled in the same way as genuine leather, it will have the same water resistance as leather. However, if it is exposed to water for a long period of time, it will still absorb water, just like leather. 

Why have similar products not been available before?

Bacteria cellulose has been researched for a long time. It has mainly focused on cellulose as an alternative source of cellulose replacing wood, but it has been difficult to industrialize because the amount of cellulose that can be produced and the cost are far below that of wood pulp. I am focusing on cellulose membranes produced by microbes and applying the unique character of these membranes to industrial applications.

Can I buy Pelliqua material?

Thank you for your interest! Right now our Pelliqua is under development and is not for sale. We are working hard to sell and supply it as soon as possible in order to work with more brands and designers in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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